Logan Abassi

  Photographer, Philosopher, Flaneur

Logan Abassi, a globally acclaimed photojournalist, is recognized for his powerful depictions of human endurance amidst adversity. His compelling narratives and vivid imagery have earned him acclaim in prominent publications including The New York Times, Time Magazine, and National Geographic, and have been featured on major news networks including BBC News, CBC News, and Reuters News

Building upon his commitment to transforming adversity into opportunity, Logan has co-founded The Life of Eye Foundation, an initiative grounded in turning life’s challenges into gateways for growth. Drawing on his rich experiences in crisis management and photojournalism, he now focuses on creating programs and resources that foster an antifragile mindset and encourage personal evolution.

Logan’s career journey began in 1995 as a daring freelance photojournalist.. His courage and meticulous eye led him into conflict zones and high-risk environments, where his lens became an instrument to illuminate the urgent issues of our world. This pivotal phase in his career amplified his unshakeable dedication to truth, revealing his inherent ability to narrate stories that warrant global attention.

Taking on the role of Bureau Chief and Chief Videographer for Reuters TV in Haiti in 2005, Logan proved his mettle by successfully spearheading the bureau’s operations amidst escalating conflict. His innate leadership skills and staunch journalistic integrity underpinned the bureau’s comprehensive news coverage, coordinated by a proficient team of journalists and videographers. His leadership and journalistic integrity were critical pillars supporting the bureau’s achievements during this volatile period.

Joining the United Nations in Haiti in 2006, Logan’s unwavering dedication and leadership skills propelled him to the position of Chief Photographer and Head of Multimedia. For over a decade, he captured defining and challenging events of our era, from political upheavals to natural disasters. His arresting images became instrumental in raising global awareness of the issues facing the citizens of Haiti.

Logan’s extraordinary service during the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti stands out as a significant contribution during his tenure at the United Nations. Displaying remarkable commitment, he participated in rescue missions and ensured the safety of others while documenting the profound human experiences amidst the disaster. This act of bravery and dedication, coupled with his ability to capture the resilience of the human spirit, remains a testament to his pivotal role.

Throughout his distinguished career, Logan has consistently exhibited a deep commitment to his work, documenting the multifaceted and often turbulent human experience with both courage and empathy. His evocative images offer a stirring testament to the human spirit, provoking meaningful dialogue and spurring transformative change.