Logan Abassi

  Photographer, Philosopher, Flaneur

In a world where adversity can often seem insurmountable, The Life of Eye Foundation, co-founded by Logan Abassi, stands as a beacon of transformational growth. Rooted in the belief that challenges can serve as platforms for opportunities, The Life of Eye Foundation is committed to empowering individuals of all ages by aiding them in discovering their inner strength, harnessing their potential, and mastering an antifragile approach towards life’s hurdles. We champion self-discovery, continual improvement, and personal evolution as avenues to a conscious, impactful life.

The Life of Eye Foundations facilitates Empowerment Programs, Antifragile Training, immersive workshops, youth camps, organizational development, and personalized coaching. We develop customized programs to meet the unique needs of educators, leaders, NGOs, companies, parents and more, offering a tailored approach to personal empowerment and growth.

If you would like to learn more, or are interested in having Logan facilitate training, discussions, or coaching tailored to your needs please contact The Life of Eye Foundation or reach out to Logan directly.

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